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Technical Advice

Free advice on lock selection, container selection, troubleshooting, and Federal Specification interpretation.  All technical advice is backed by supporting regulations, federal standards, and current policies.


GSA Container Neutralization

When a lockout occurs, a container must be neutralized.  We will make every attempt to retain certification and offer all possible options so you can decide which works best for you.

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Lock and Container Repair

When a lock or container no longer operates smoothly, it is time to have it looked at.  In many cases, simple repair or replacement of components will extend the life of the lock or container and avoid a potential lockout.


Lock Installation

All new locks come with installation instructions, but one small mistake will render the lock useless in many cases and require the purchase of an additional lock.  We are certified to install locks meeting FF-L-2937, FF-L-2740, and lock extensions meeting FF-L-2890.


Container Inspection and Recertification

If a GSA label is no longer present on a container or vault door, the GSA certification is no longer valid.  In many cases, a container can be inspected for serviceability and provided with a recertification label.  This option can save thousands of dollars.  Questionable containers can be inspected to ensure they still retain GSA certification and are approved for storage of particular items.

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